The Shelby Foundation is a nonprofit organization that gives back to Shelby's community
and surrounding areas by providing donors an opportunity to positively impact Shelby's

It provides financial assistance to schools and other nonprofit organizations to expand
programs, enhance arts, culture and humanities, and support improved health and
welfare services. In essence, The Shelby Foundation assists the community where we
live, work and love by simply making it better.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to learn more about giving opportunities
with The Shelby Foundation.

Carrie Kemerer
Foundation Director | The Shelby Foundation | 142 North Gamble, Suite F  | Shelby, Ohio 44875
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2015 Grant Cycle Deadlines
September 18

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Mark Your Calendar!

The Shelby Foundation's Annual Fall Fundraiser
Join The Shelby Foundation for an evening of fun,
food and fundraising in support of our Shelby
community. Tickets are on sale now for the
Saturday, September 19 event.

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